A global product studio
specializing in fintech
and blockchain domains
Hyperflex builds products to own and to earn with; it is not an outsource development agency. The company consolidates multiple kinds of expertise under one roof, including business development, product management, marketing, and design.
The team’s ambition is to drive scaled innovation globally by challenging the way people manage their financial assets. Currently, Hyperflex employs over 20 highly talented people, and the count will increase within the near future.
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Everscale is scalable, secure, and decentralized. It is capable of processing a whale of transactions.
The network design makes its scalability theoretically infinite. EVER, the native token, is traded on multiple exchanges and provides a good opportunity to earn income
Yello is an easy-to-use tool to explore digital assets and getting into the world of NFTs. The platform is a web and mobile app marketplace like Instagram with artists and businesses who exhibit their works and users who want to collect and trade assets.
PropTech company that creates service for people, business and buildings: we develop, rent and manage commercial and residential real estate.
TheKey has designed and now manage more than 65000 m2 of office space in Moscow, which provide 6500 comfortable workspaces.
Onyx is a platform for users around the world where they can buy NFT representing unique gems from authentic diamond vault, resell it or redeem it for physical gem with confidence.
The main goal is to make diamond market more liquid.
Kinoverse is a platform for cinema lovers and TV show fans where they can buy a NFT for Web3 movie experience and become connected with their favourite studios and characters.
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